Biking is booming in cities across the United States and around the world — but there’s no better place to experience the joy and freedom of bicycling than in Washington D.C. Consistently ranked one of the very best cities for bicycling in the entire country, the nation’s capital boasts iconic views and bike-friendly routes that delight visitors and locals alike.

Take it from me: as a daily D.C. cyclist who has traveled the world on two wheels and led a national bike advocacy organization, I know D.C. is special — and I know the most memorable way to experience it is by bike.

That’s why I started DC Cycling Concierge.

We all come to biking from different perspectives, seeking different experiences. My role as the DC Cycling Concierge is to remove barriers like route planning, logistics, and concerns about safety to give you a hassle-free customized cycling experience that’s convenient, safe, and most of all, FUN!

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My motto: Your Ride, Your Pace!

Thanks to decades of vision and work by countless advocates, community leaders and agencies, the Washington, D.C. region is home to excellent roads, impressive bike lanes, and incredible trails that connect neighborhoods, natural areas and diverse communities.

If you’re looking for traffic-free riding, we have a wealth of paved bike paths. We also have the C&O Canal towpath trail (gravel) that starts in downtown Georgetown and rolls 185 miles to Cumberland, MD where it connects directly to the Great Allegheny Passage (that continues another 150 miles all the way into downtown Pittsburgh, PA!). 

The District also has an impressive network of bike lanes and protected bike lanes to improve comfort levels for cyclists, even in our dense urban core. Between this network and some quiet neighborhood streets, there are countless ways we can explore the historic neighborhoods, vibrant mixed-use districts, and cool specialty shops.

And it surprises many visitors how easily we can escape the urban scene to roll out on some sweet back roads and country lanes.  In a few miles, we can pedal through lush forests, rolling horse pastures, and valleys with wooded creeks.

Washington, D.C. is truly a bucket-list biking city. Don’t miss out — ride with the DC Cycling Concierge to make the most of your time in the saddle! See some of the enthusiastic testimonials from my guests on TripAdvisor

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