Family Biking Tutorial

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Morleys on Mt Vernon w: Lincoln Memorial square.jpeg

Family Biking Tutorial


Are you interested in biking with your kids, but are unsure about how to do it safely? Need help figuring out which kid-friendly biking equipment and accessories are right for you? Are you intrigued by the freedom a cargo bike could give you, but just can’t imagine how you would make the jump or where to start? Maybe, you just want a little tutoring in how to be more comfortable on your bike and be a better role model for your kids?

Whatever your needs, I will be happy to help. For over 25 years, I have been teaching bicycle safety to children and adults.  As the father to 5 year old twins, I also know first-hand the realistic challenges parents face in biking with their kids.

The Family Biking Tutorial Package starts with a free 20-minute consultation. If you decide to continue, I will plan the best routes from your home to your frequent destinations: daycare, school, work, local parks/playgrounds, museums, wherever you wish to bike. Then you will have a parent-to-parent(s) training session and ride to get comfortable with the route. Finally, I will personally escort you and your family on a neighborhood bike ride. 

Included in Family Biking Confidence Builder Package:

1.     20 minute initial phone consultation

2.     Route planning

3.     Recommended gear check list with simple working alternatives

4.     DC Bike Map and mapped out route options

5.     Parent-to-parent(s) training session (approximately 60-90 minutes)

6.     Private escort on a neighborhood family ride

7.     Custom water bottle

8.     Follow up check in call

Feel free to contact me to schedule your free 20 minute consult at 202-798-2453 or email me at to schedule a call.

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