Give an Experience

The perfect gift for the cyclist who has everything

The holidays are here and the pressure is on to buy meaningful gifts for loved ones. We all know how difficult that can be for some of your family and friends - there’s always a person or two on your list that either has everything they need or can be a little too particular.

Need a guaranteed-to-impress-and-excite gift? (EXPIRED January 30, 2018)

DC Cycling Concierge makes it easy to give a memorable gift that will guarantee adventure, new experiences, living history up close and personal, a challenge or whatever your recipient is looking for. Your present will be customized for them! Simply purchase an experience package and your favorite cyclist(s) get to dream as big (or as small) as they want and enjoy a fantastic ride or tour anytime in 2018!

They get a customized experience tailored to them. As the DC Cycling Concierge, I handle all the details so your lucky recipient can relish in the extravagant experience you have given them.

Is your loved one or friend a serious cyclist who loves to ride fast or far? Excellent! Depending on the discounted package you purchase, they can get a challenging fitness/training ride, a far-flung adventure or both.

Maybe they aren’t looking for a work out, but would rather enjoy an active experience exploring the sights, history, and stories that weave through our nation’s capital? Great! The DC Cycling Concierge will give a sightseeing tour designed around their goals, interests, and pace. There are also several themes to choose from, including “DC Sights at Night”, “Rising Tides of DC”, the Civil Rights Ride, “The Burning of Washington” (British Invasion / War of 1812), or we can customize a theme based on their interests.

You don’t have to sweat the details because I will. You can be confident that you are giving a wonderful and unique gift they will always cherish.

Perhaps you want to surprise them, or get in on the fun yourself? I’ll be happy to conspire with you and handle all the logistics and make it easy and painless for you too. And because packages can include up to four people (slight charges for small groups of 5 or more), your gift can benefit a small group or whole family

(Maybeyou are that person who is difficult to find gifts for. If a fantastic bicycling adventure is something you might like, don’t be subtle, just forward this holiday gift option along.)

Discounted Gift Packages:  (EXPIRED January 30, 2018)

3 hour ride for $249 ($99 discount - (EXPIRED January 30, 2018) – This is my most popular option.  Whether we go on a fitness or casual sightseeing ride, we can cover a lot of ground and do lots of cool things in three hours.

2 hour power workout for $199 ($50 discount – EXPIRED January 30, 2018) – This is the perfect option for those who want to break a sweat. Using one of the many challenging, safe routes, we will challenge ourselves to keep the pace up and walk away with a great endorphin fix. And for those interested in sightseeing, our ride can take us past some of the historical sites of our beautiful city.

5 hour adventure & coffee / meal $449 ($100 discount - EXPIRED January 30, 2018) – There are lots of great adventures in this region. Tailored to the goals, interests, and pace of your lucky gift recipient, I’ll even facilitate some of the best caffeine and calorie intake the region has to offer.

All day expedition for $599 ($150 discount - (EXPIRED January 30, 2018) – For the serious cyclist who needs a great escape, toss the boundaries and dream big. They will get their own personal guide / riding companion for as long as they want to roll.

Each Discounted Gift Package comes with customized one-on-one planning in the weeks and months leading up to the ride. Don’t have a bike? No problem. I can help arrange a complete package with a high-quality rental bike (hybrid or road) delivered to them wherever they are. (Bike rental is an additional charge - discounted options are available here on the website or by contacting Jeff directly).

With a discounted gift package, you can check off the hardest part of your list. Give that special person an experience that they will remember forever!


Bringing It Home

Washington DC isn’t just our national capitol, it is an amazing city with sounds, flavors, and sights with connections from around the world. From diplomats and embassies to businesses and global nonprofits, you can experience a multitude of languages, amazing food, and people from diverse backgrounds in Washington DC—a city that ranks among the most international in the world. One of the things I love doing with my customized bike tours is to bring that diversity home for my guests and to help connect the city to their interests or homeland.

Meredith and sons, direct descendants of President James Garfield at the Garfield Memorial Circle at the U.S. Capitol Building

Meredith and sons, direct descendants of President James Garfield at the Garfield Memorial Circle at the U.S. Capitol Building

In June, I had a family as guests that I learned were descendants of President James Garfield, the 20th president of the U.S. I knew that Garfield had been shot at the Baltimore and Potomac Railway Station, which was torn down over 100 years ago. On our ride together, I showed the family the National Gallery of Art and explained it had been the site of the railway station in the late 1800’s and was where their ancestor had been shot in the back in 1881. A few blocks further, at the southwestern edge of the Capitol Building, I took them to Garfield Circle, the memorial for President Garfield.

Another of my guests in mid-July was the Beghetto family from Italy.  Early on our ride from the Four Seasons Hotel, I took them down the Rock Creek Trail towards the Lincoln Memorial. As we got close I pointed out the massive “Arts of Peace” fire-gilded, bronze statues that stand as sentinels on each side of the street. “Aren’t these beautiful?” I asked, pointing to the 17-foot high sculptures featuring a Pegasus in each with symbols for music and literature, harvest and aspiration. The four teenagers and mom agreed. Then I pointed to the engraved base of the statues, which stated they were a “Gift from the People of Italy.” “Thank you!” I said.

The Beghetto family from Italy stand in front of the Arts of Peace monument "A Gift from the People of Italy" 1950

The Beghetto family from Italy stand in front of the Arts of Peace monument "A Gift from the People of Italy" 1950

In August, I met the Horwood family, visiting from Toronto, at their hotel for a Monuments at Night ride and designed our route to ride down Pennsylvania Avenue to admire the U.S. Capitol Building all lit up, but also so we could stop by the Canadian Embassy.  There we got to not only admire the Silver level LEED certified building and its cool architecture, but also play around in the echo chamber created in the Rotunda of the Provinces (a column and crest for each of the 10 provinces and 2 territories that existed when the embassy was built in the late 1980s).

The Horwood family of Toronto visiting the Rotunda of the Provinces at the Embassy of Canada and the cool echo chamber effect

The Horwood family of Toronto visiting the Rotunda of the Provinces at the Embassy of Canada and the cool echo chamber effect

In my previous blog I mentioned the orientation ride I did with the Caruthers family from Texas. I also helped them see some fun connections to their great state.  In addition to visiting their Representative’s office, we visited the statue of former Speaker of the House Rep. Samuel Rayburn of Texas in the Rayburn Office Building. Later on our ride we biked by the lesser-known and even less visited Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Memorial, which has wonderful views across the Potomac River to the Washington Monument. 

I can’t promise to make homeland connections on each and every ride, but I do love doing everything possible to help my guests appreciate Washington in a personal way.

What interests, goals, or themes do you want to explore?  What connections can I make for you?  Let me know—I look forward to customizing a bike tour to meet your goals wishes and give you the best possible experience in DC.

Orientation Express

When I launched DC Cycling Concierge in May, I knew I had a lot to offer visitors as a private guide leading customized bike tours. Between my passion for bicycling and my love of Washington DC, I’m always psyched to show people the best this city has to offer, and there is no better way to sightsee and explore Washington DC than by bike. I also knew that there is a lot I will be learning this first year about the needs and goals of my guests. What has been fun to discover is how much my private bike tours help my guests get oriented for a fantastic visit!

The Caruthers clan of Texas at the President Lyndon B. Johnson Memorial

The Caruthers clan of Texas at the President Lyndon B. Johnson Memorial

The Caruthers family from Texas is an example of a family who already know that biking was a great way to explore and experience a new area, but who also knew that a knowledgeable local would enhance their visit significantly. This was their first trip to Washington DC and they were bringing their bikes with them. Since they booked their ride well in advance, we were able to schedule a preliminary call to discuss some of their goals and the sights they wanted to see. It became clear very quickly that giving them an orientation ride would help them maximize the rest of their visit. The 20 mile route I developed not only included visits to many of DC’s most famous sights, it included a half dozen recommended routes they could expand upon. For instance, biking from their hotel in downtown DC, I showed them the safest routes to the National Mall and the many Smithsonian museums and monuments. I also showed them how to most easily get to the Mt Vernon Trail, the W&OD Trail, and the Capital Crescent Trail for rides they could do by themselves in the following days.  As they wrote in their Trip Advisor review, their orientation ride took “the worry and stress out” of their bike tour with “just the right amount of fun, history and riding.”

Even though Lisa grew up near and lived in DC, she loved not having to figure out the route

Even though Lisa grew up near and lived in DC, she loved not having to figure out the route

On the other end of the spectrum was my guest Lisa and her family.  While Lisa grew up in the Washington region and lived in the city for several years, she quickly saw the benefit of hiring the DC Cycling Concierge.  When I met her family in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown, I pulled out a map and reviewed the route I had planned based on the goals I learned from texts with Lisa. At the end of the route preview, the family was clearly excited and Lisa stated “And that is why we hired the DC Cycling Concierge, because even though I know many of these places, I wouldn’t have a clue how to safely bike this whole route.” The other benefit of their private bike tour became evident later on when one of her daughters said she wasn’t feeling well. On the fly I was able to alter the route to keep their top destination priorities in tact, while shortening our loop to accommodate our slower pace.

When you have precious little time to experience such a great city as DC with countless options, it always helps to get some orientation to make the most of your trip (be it a vacation, a business trip, or a bit of both). In just a few hours, I can pack a lot in, keep it fun, and give you a clear sense of what you want to do with your remaining time in DC. And you can’t beat a customized experience!  As the Caruthers family noted in their Trip Advisor review, it was money well spent.